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My fanfic :p

The Song Remains The Same

Portage, Wisconsin

The sky glistened as the moon rose to the center of the sky.  The young girl looked out her car window, watching the trees pass in front of the moon.  “John, stop it, don’t you think Jessica is sick of hearing us fight!?”  

“Jessica’s opinion doesn’t matter, Hellen!  She is a child.” Her father said.

Jessica looked up, “Actually, I’m 24.” She said.

“Well then why did we have to pick you up from the jail house because you were playing with fire?”  John said.

Jessica looked back down.  She really didn’t have much of a reaction to her parents fighting.  She grew up with it.  They did it all the time. 

When they got back to the house she got out of the back seat and looked up at the house.  “Home sweet home.” She said slamming the door.  “Had some GREAT memories here.”  She walked up the sidewalk to the front door.  She walked in behind her parents. 

“Now, you are going to stay on the couch and shut up for the next few days.  Your room is now your mother’s room, as you can see; we haven’t been getting along lately.”  John said to her. 

“Fine.” She said pulling away from his grip and throwing her stuff on the floor next to the couch.  She sat down on the couch and pulled her phone out of her pocket.  6 new messages.  She sighed as her head hit the pillow and her phone fell to the floor.  Before she knew it, she was asleep. 

Sometime in the night, she woke up.  She didn’t know if she was hungry, or if she had to pee.  All she knew, was she was up.  As she was sitting up, she heard rustling upstairs, and creaking in the floor boards.  She knew this house all too well, to know that it was her parents room. 

She walked up to the staircase.  Hellen, John?” she said looking up the staircase.  It was dark, but she heard more movement.  She stepped on the first step, but put her foot back down when she heard a creek.  When she learned what it was, she put her foot back down.  She walked up to the top of the stairs and looked down the hall.  “John?  Hellen?” she asked again.  She walked down the hallway to look in her parents’ room.  She turned the corner and looked in the room.  She screamed.

Jessica looked down at her parents’ mangled bodies.  She ran down the stairs and picked up her phone.  She went through her contacts sniffling.  She dialed a number and put the phone up to her ear.  She waited as it rang twice.  When she heard a familiar voice say “Hello?” she hesitated.  “Hello?” the voice said again.  She sighed.  “Uncle Bobby, I need your help.”

Madison, Wisconsin

“So what exactly do you think is in this case, Bobby?” Sam asked looked at Dean’s phone. 

“Listen, she’s a good kid just hear me out.  Head to her house in Portage.  Her dad was a good friend of mine.” Bobbie’s voice echoed through the phone.

Sam sighed, “Alright Bobby, what’s the address?”

The impala pulled up in front of a two story blue house.  Sam and Dean got out slamming their doors.  Dean pulled out a flask and took a swig.  Sam gave him an angry look.

“Dean.” He said looking at his brother.

“What?” he said putting the cap on and putting it in his coat.  “Well let’s go then.”  He said walking up to the front door.  He opened up the screen door and knocked on the door.  A girl in blue jeans and a Beatles T-shirt and a leather jacket opened the door.  She had brown hair and green eyes.  Dean smiled.  “Hello, I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam.”

She chuckled, “Well aren’t you boys dressed fancy.  I’m Jessica.” She said smiling.  “Come in.”  She watched as they walked in, closing the door behind them.  Dean turned around and noticed the Devils trap symbol painted on the door.  He watched as the girl walked past them.  He looked down at the red flashing bracelet on her ankle.  Dean laughed.

“What’s so funny, chuckles?” Jessica asked as Dean laughed. 

“What kind of trouble’d you get yourself into, huh?”  Dean asked.

She looked down at the ankle bracelet.  She looked up smiling.  “Oh nothing.  Just burned down a building.  But killed a ruguro in the progress.”  She said walking into the other room. 

Dean’s smile faded into a serious look. 

“You know about monsters?” Sam asked looking at her. 

She smiled.  “I should, shouldn’t I?  I am a Hunter.” 

Dean smiled.  “Well, don’t we meet enough of you.  Are you another one that wants to kill us?” 

“You’re the Winchester boys, eh?  I’ve heard of ya.  But Bobby singer was a good friend of my mother.  But, when she met my father, she had to stop talking to Bobby.”  She said.  “Well, can you guys come look at my parents rotting bodies before they stink?”

Sam frowned.  “Does that even bother you?”

“What?” she asked.

“That their dead.” He said.

“I guess.  But the thing is, my mom wanted to die.  She hated her life with my father.  And my father was just a jerk.  He hated my guts.  Guess this just returned the favor.”

They followed her up the steps and into a room.  Blood covered the walls and they looked down at the bodies of two mangled people. 

“So, do you know what did it?” Jessica asked. 

“Looks like a hellhound.” Dean said looking down at the rips in the flesh.  “But don’t know why…”  He looked up at Sam, who shrugged. 

“Guess we’ll have to talk to Bobby.” Sam said. 

Jessica perked up and walked toward them, “Can I come?”

“How?” Dean asked sternly. 

Jessica pulled a shotgun from behind the bed and stuck out her foot pulling up her pant leg.  She pointed it toward the bracelet and shot.  She dropped her pant leg and threw the bracelet aside.  “Like that.” She said.

She walked up to the boys, dropping the shotgun at her side.  Dean looked at her and smiled.  “Kid, that was awesome!” he said chuckling.  She smiled back.  “Thanks.  And I’m not a kid.” She said walking out the room. 

Sam looked over at Dean and laughed.  Dean looked up at Sam.  When they were standing next to each other, Sam looked far superior to Dean; most couldn’t tell Dean was the eldest brother.  They exchanged annoyed glances and followed the girl down the stairs. 

When they got in the car Dean turned out the driveway and picked up his phone.  He dialed a number.  “Hello, Police.” Said the person on the other line.  “Yes can you have an ambulance sent out to 755 Chesnutt Street?  Thanks.” He said hanging up the phone.  He never explained anything to the cops.  There were rules to being a hunter.  1) Never explain to anyone what it really was.  People wouldn’t be able to handle it.  So Dean just doesn’t explain at all.  2) Never use your real name.  And 3) Always hide your number, so they can’t call you back. 

On the way to Bobby’s it was silent.  A really long drive.  So Dean looked over at Sam.  Sam looked tired, but Dean knew that wasn’t it.  He knew he was remembering his girlfriend Jess.  He knew this girl Jessica wasn’t helping the situation.  It had been a long time since Sam mentioned Jess.  But Dean knew it was bothering him.  So Dean leaned forward and turned up the volume on the radio.  He bobbed his head and looked over at Sam, he didn’t look amused.  Sam leaned against the side of the door and looked out the window, his hair blowing out of his face from the window being open.  Dean looked back in his memories and thought of every time Sam was ever mad at him.  Or upset.  He always had the same look on his face, and the same sadness in his eyes.

Dean looked in the mirror at the girl in the backseat.  Her eyes matched his.  They had the same delicate green look to them.  Sam’s were alike, but hers matched Dean’s more.  They had the golden specks scattered around the pupils.  Dean smiled.  She was lying just like Sam.  It was like a pattern.  What he did, she sooner or later did the same.  She was looking out the window, the wind from Sam’s window blowing her hair around.  Occasionally she would move it out of her eyes so she could see.  But mostly she just left it alone.

When they arrived in Bobby’s driveway, Sam was fast asleep, but the girl got out the backseat and walked up to Bobby’s front door.  Dean shook Sam, which as always, startled him.  But he got up and followed Dean inside.

“Bobby, it’s just us.” Dean said walking into the living room of Bobby’s house.  Bobby wheeled out in his wheelchair. 

“Hey boys.” Bobby said.  He looked over at the girl standing next to them with her arms crossed.

“Hey Uncle Bobby.” Jessica said.  She smiled.  “What happened?”

“Long story,” he started, “but get over here and give me a hug girl, I haven’t seen you in ages.” He said.

She walked over and leaned down and gave him a hug.  When she stood back up, she looked down at him and smiled.

“You get more beautiful, every time I see ya Jess.” Bobby said looking up at her.  She blushed and looked down at her feet.  Bobby watched as Sam walked out the front door.  “Whatsa matter with him?” he asked, looking at Dean. 

“He’s thinking about Jess again.” Dean said.

“Who?” Jessica asked.

“His girlfriend.  Somethin real bad happened to her and he’s in the path of thinking it was his fault.  When it wasn’t.” Bobby said. 

Dean frowned.  “I’ll go get him.” He turned to walk out the door.  Jessica grabbed his arm and pulled him back to face her.  “I’ll go talk to him.  You and Bobby figure out what happened to my parents.” She said walking out the door.

Dean looked at Bobby and shrugged.  “Let’s go talk about this case I guess.” Dean said following Bobby into the sitting room.

Jessica walked outside.  She looked around but didn’t see Sam.  She walked past the Impala.  Sam wasn’t there.  She looked around again.  There were thousands of cars all over.  Sam could be anywhere.  Suddenly she saw a light flicker behind her.  She turned around and looked at a barn behind her.  The door was creaked open.  She pulled the pistol out of the waistband of the back of her pants.  She put it in front of her and pointed it at the barn, as she slowly walked forward.  “Sam?” she asked walking towards the barn.  She pushed the door open further looking around, her gun right in front of her.  She walked to the middle of the barn.  She suddenly heard what sounded like crunching behind her.  She turned around to see a man, and Sam lying on the ground unconscious. 

“What did you do to him?” she asked, putting her gun in front of her again. 

The man’s eyes went black.  “Don’t you remember me?”

“No?” Jessica said looking at him, not moving her gun. 

“Well, I’m the demon your father made a deal with.” He said.

“What are you talking about?” she asked.

“Your father wanted a child.  So.  I gave your mother one.” He answered.

“So, you’re saying…”

“Yes.” The demon interrupted.

Sam opened his eyes but stayed silent when he saw the two people in front of him.  He sat up slowly and watched. 

“So, that explains the hellhounds…” she said looking down.  She looked back up and the demon was gone. 

She looked over to see Sam, scared look on his face.  She rushed to him, but he pulled away.  “You’re a monster.” He said.  “A demon.”

She gulped.  “Please don’t tell them.”  She said, worried. 

He pushed her out of his way and ran into the house.  “Dean.” He yelled looking in at them.  “The Hellhound problem is solved.  But we have a bigger problem.”

Dean ran outside, demon knife in hand.  He looked around.  She was nowhere.  He ran back inside and grabbed his bags.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked.

“We are going for a road trip.  Girl is nowhere to be found.”  Dean said.

“Wait,” Bobby started. “When you find the girl…Don’t hurt her.  She’s a good kid.  Not all demons are bad.  And be careful.  You remember what Cas said.  These things are like the anti Christ.  But she doesn’t know her power yet.  So she’s not going to be strong.”  He looked down.  “But like I said, don’t hurt the girl.”

Dean drove down the road, watching out carefully for the girl.  “Sam, what if Bobby’s right.” Dean said.

“About what?”Sam asked.

“The girl, what if the demon thing doesn’t bother her.  I mean she seems like a nice girl.”  Dean said.

Sam looked over at Dean.  “You have got to be kidding me.  Dean, what happened to killing monsters?”

“Sam, she’s a person…” Dean interrupted.

Sam looked down at his shoes.  It seemed when anything troubled him, he did this.  It was a way to escape and think.  After a while Sam looked up at Dean.  Dean had that look across his face.  That same face he made whenever he was going to do something stupid.  Whenever he did something he was probably gunna regret.  “Look, Dean…I know this is a, crap, situation.  But we gotta do our job, no matter what, right?  That’s what you always said to me…” Sam said. 

Dean said nothing.  But that look faded from his face.  So Sam knew what he had to do.  He knew he had to shut up and look forward.  Because he knew Dean was not going to answer him.  And most of all, he knew Dean was in fact going to do something stupid.  But Sam was going to stop him.  Or at least try.

Jessica stopped running; her heart beat faster than it had ever been.  She was out of breath and she felt like she was about to collapse to the ground.  But the fear that filled her heart covered up the pain in her legs, and she began running once more.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to outrun the impala.  That car was fast.  And she knew Dean knew how to drive it.  So she had no luck.  As she was running she tripped and skidded her face on the pavement.  She got up, but didn’t feel any pain.  She touched the side of her face.  Blood covered the whole right side of her face.  But she didn’t feel the pain.  She started to panick, and ran faster ahead.  About 20 minutes later she came up to a gas station.  She walked up to it, but saw something even better behind it.  A motel.  She walked past the gas station and up to the motel.  She payed for a night and went into the motel room all the way at the end of the hall.  She was exhausted.  She plopped on the bed and was out like a light.

She opened her eyes and noticed she was sitting, staring at a window.  She went to move her hand to scratch an itch on her head but realized she was tied down.  She looked down at her wrist, then her other.  They were tied to a chair.  She tried to move her legs, but they were tied as well.  She looked down at the floor to see a devils trap painted on the floor.  “Really?” she said to herself.

“Oh, really,” Sam started, “Can’t ever be too careful.” 

“You have got to be kidding me.” Jessica said.  Laughing in a scared way. 

Dean walked into the room.  He looked at her and a worried look came across his face.  “Listen, we didn’t want to do this, but we had to.  We can’t let you run away and kill people.  You will change.” Dean said.

She looked down at the ground.  When she looked back up, tears were filling her eyes.  “So you’re saying…you have to…kill me.”  She said holding back a whine. 

Dean stared at her, the same look he gave Sam the night before.  He looked away and walked over behind the couch, leaning against it. 

She sniffled and looked back down, letting her cry out.  She cried for about 2 minutes and looked back up at them.  They were both sitting on the bed, Dean’s head in his hands, Sam watching her contently. 

“Maybe I can be different.”  She said looking at Sam.  “Look, I’ve lasted this long.  I’m 24, and this happened before I was even born.  Maybe I can…”

“No.” Sam said. “You’re a monster.  Everyone who is a demon, or part demon on your behalf, becomes evil, and will always be evil.” Sam stated looking her in the eye.

She sighed.  “So you’re saying there isn’t even a possibility, a slight chance, that I might be good.  I’ve saved thousands of people, just like you.  Please, just look into your heart, and see if maybe you can give me a chance.”

Sam had no reaction.  He just got up and walked into the bathroom, closing the door. 

Dean took this as an opportunity to take action.  He ran up to the chair she was tied to and started to untie the ropes, when she was free, he stood up and smiled.  “Ru-“ he started as blood started to drip from his head.  He fell to the ground and behind him was Sam.  Standing there with a gun.  She backed up, stepping on the edge of the devils trap and walking further past it.  Sam dropped the gun to his side.  Shocked.  He dropped it on the floor and walked closer to her.  “It really doesn’t affect you.” He said.

She wiped the tears from her face and looked at Sam.  “Um, I don’t wanna ruin the celebration, but you just shot your brother.” Jessica said.  Sam turned around.  “Right.” He said smiling.

Suddenly it hit him.  “Oh my god!  I just shot my brother!” he picked up the phone.  He dialed a number and put it to his ear.  “Hello?” asked the voice from the other line.  “Bobby, I need your help.” Sam said.

“You Idjits!” Bobby said.  “You shot your Brother?!” Bobby took a long swig from his bottle of vodka and set it on the desk again.  Jessica raised her eyebrows and walked towards the bottle.  She picked it up and took a drink.  Setting it down and looking over at Sam.  Whom she soon realized was watching her.  “You are trying drinks, at a time like this?” Sam asked. 

“I’m not trying… I’ve had it before.” Jessica said smiling.  Sam frowned and looked down at his brother.

“How are we supposed to undo your mess up this time, Sam?” Bobby said.  

Jessica pondered in her mind the whole demon thing.  If she was a demon or whatever, maybe she could bring back Dean.

“Hey Bobby.” She said looking at him.

“Yah?” he said returning the stare.

“This is going to sound crazy, but is there a way Demons can raise a human, kind of like angels can?” she asked.

“Jess, crazy is my middle name.”  Bobby said.

So while Bobby did some research, Sam and Jess checked out a case.  As they were driving, Jess looked over at Sam and noticed he looked, uptight.  “What’s up?” she asked.  He shook his head and said “Nothing.” She knew he would say that.  “I know you don’t trust me but I don’t care, so I’ll ask you again, what’s wrong?” He said nothing.

She sighed.  “Listen.  I heard about what happened to your girlfriend…” he gave her an annoyed look.  “And I know riding around with me ain’t helping.  I see the way you look at me.  With anger and sadness.  But you gotta understand.  Your girlfriend’s death was not your fault.  So don’t blame yourself.”  She said looking at him, concern in her eyes.  When he said nothing she sighed and looked out the window.  Men were impossible to talk to.

When they got to the place where Bobby told them to go, Sam got out and slammed the door.  She turned and looked at him.  “Listen, don’t talk crap about Jess.” He started.

“I wasn’t!” she said.

“No!” he said.  “But I don’t like you, and my brother is stupid for liking you.  His feelings are easily played with.  So shut up and don’t talk.  Don’t even breathe a word to me.  I want nothing to do with you.” He said walking up to the front door of the building.

The rest of the day was silent.  Sam said nothing to Jessica, and Jessica said nothing to Sam.  They went through the hunt, she got a few bumps and bruises, almost lost a leg and saved Sam’s needy behind.  But, she knew if she said you’re welcome, he would be all over her.  So, she said nothing.  And wiped the blood from her face and kept on going.  She wanted to help bring Dean back.  For she liked him too.  But didn’t want Sam to know it. 

When they got back to Bobby’s, he was waiting for them.  They settled in listened to what he had to say.

“Listen you babies.  Stop quarreling and listen up.  There is a way you can save Dean, Jess.  But, you gotta do something else.  You need to concentrate.” Bobby said. 

Jessica stood there with her eyes closed.  She tried to concentrate but she had no idea what she was concentrating on.  Out of the midst, she heard a laugh.  She opened her eyes to see Sam laughing.

“What’s so funny?” she asked looking at him.

He coughed and looked at her.  “You look like you’re pooping.” He said laughing again.

“Shut up!” Bobby said.  “Now concentrate.”

“Alright Bobby, what exactly am I concentrating on?” Jessica asked.

“Close your eyes.” Bobby started.  She did as he said.  “And picture Dean.  Picture him waking up, alive.” 

“Alright.  Now what?” she asked.

 “Just picture something about Dean that makes you smile.  Something he says, or something he ever did.” Bobby said.

She smiled.

“Now tell us what that is.” Bobby said.

She stayed silent for a bit, but breathed in slowly, relaxing.  “He saved me.”  She said.  “I was scared and tired and he saved me from all of that.” She said.

Sam watched as Dean sat up, pulling the air into his lungs.  Then Sam looked over at Jessica her eyes were still closed but she wasn’t smiling anymore.  In the fact, she looked asleep.  “Jessica?” Sam asked.

When there was no answer Dean looked over.  “Jess?” Dean asked.  When there was still no answer, he ran to her side and shook her.  “Jess, wake up.”  No answer.

Jessica opened her eyes and she was lying on a bed.  She recognized it as Bobby’s room.  She sat up and saw Dean, sitting in a chair in the corner.  “Hello, Dean.”  She said.

“I thought you were dead.” Said Dean.

“I guess I could say the same about you.” Jessica said.

“What happened?” Dean asked.

“I think I brought you back.” Jess said.

“How?” Dean asked.

“I…honestly don’t know.” She answered.  “Listen, I’ve been meaning to tell you this.  But I really wish your brother did kill me.  These last two days, have been the most horrible days of my life.  And I just want it all to end.”

Dean sat down next to her and put his arm around her.  Pulling her into a hug. 

“I just wish it could all end.” She said, she turned around and buried her head into his neck, crying.  Dean put his arms around her and let her cry.

She quickly pulled away and stood up walking around. 

“What’s wrong?” Dean asked.

She sighed.  “I just want to take a day off.  I mean, before you guys go killing me and all.”

“Listen, kid.  No one’s dying here.  Me and Sam aren’t going to kill you.”  Dean said also getting up.

She let out a long breath.  Then she looked up at Dean.  “Just one day off, so I can talk to some friends and cool off a little.”  She said.

Dean let out a sigh.  “Alright.  Just let us know if you have any issues or…” he paused.

“Or what?” Jessica asked looking at Dean. 

“Nothing.” He said. 

Jessica gave him the stink eye and walked out.  She had feelings for him.  But knew Sam would kill her.  Even faster if she ever did anything with Dean.  So, she backed away.  It hurt like crazy, but she knew he was better off without her.

Dean walked downstairs behind Jessica.  He stopped at the open door way where she was standing.  “See you soon…” she said.  She made a fake smile.

Dean smiled back.  “Remember to call if anything comes up.  And remember not to tell your friends anything and…” he was interrupted by Jessica’s, “Dean, I know.  You can stop worrying about me.  I’m not a kid.  I’ll call you in a few days.”  She said walking away.  Dean closed the door behind her, walking into the room with Bobby and Sam.  Dean sat down next to Sam in a chair in front of Bobby’s desk.

Bobby pulled out a glass and set it in front of Dean, pouring some whiskey into it.  “So, what happened?” Bobby asked.

Dean sighed.  “She woke up, seemed like nothing was wrong.  Then she said she wanted to go home for a few days.”  Dean said plainly.

“And you let her!?” Sam asked, surprised. 

“Well…yah.” Dean said.  “Listen.  It’s just a few days.  If she doesn’t call back within 4 days, we’ll go find her.  I got to the GPS in her phone, so we can track where she is.” 

Sam frowned and went back to drinking.  Dean downed the cup and got up. 

“Where you going?” Bobby asked.

“I’m gunna ask if she wants a ride home.” Dean said flinging his jacket over his shoulder and walking out the door. 

“Idjit.” Bobby said as Dean left.

Sam sighed.  “Bobby, Deans got feelings for that girl and I know it’s gunna get him in trouble.”

“Yah, well.  Let him do his thing.  He’s not stupid.  He’ll do the right thing if it comes to it.”  Bobby said, becoming silent.  He hated the fact that he was saying that about Jessica.  He cared about her.  And he didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Jessica walked down the street.  She thought of the events that had happened the last couple days.  She wiped the blood from her face and kept on walking.  She just wished she never met the Winchester boys.  She had heard they were bad news, but she didn’t listen.  And now she was falling for one of them.  She frowned.  She hadn’t gotten far before she heard the familiar sound of a car pulling up behind her.  She stopped and turned around.  “Hello Dean.” She said, giving him a predictable look.

He smiled.  “Wanna ride?” he asked.

“Yes, but not from you.  Besides.  You don’t even know where I’m going.” She crossed her arms. 

“Jesus cranky, just get in, s’not like I’m gunna smack you er anything.” Dean said.

Jessica rolled her eyes.  “Fine, but I’m not gunna deal with the 21 questions.” She said. 

They drove and she didn’t say much.  She just smooshed herself against the door of the impala.  She wanted to get as far away as possible.  Suddenly the person sitting next to her spoke up.

“So what you planning on doing?” Dean asked.

She sighed.  “Nothing much.  Just gunna have a few drinks and use up the last few days of being human.”

Dean said nothing.  She was relieved.  She hated making conversation, but she also hated the awkward silence.  She watched as Dean leaned forward and pushed the power button to the radio.  Eye of the Tiger instantly came on and Dean started drumming against the steering wheel.  Soon enough he was singing. 

Jessica looked over at him and stared as he sang and danced a bit in his seat.  He noticed her staring and looked over at her.  He smiled.

Jessica smiled and laughed as she looked ahead at the road.  “You’re gunna get us killed.” She said moving her arm down to her leg.  She knew it was things like this that triggered the feelings she had for him.  She just wanted to hug him and never let go.  But, she knew she couldn’t.  So she bit her lip, and held it back.  They would be back at her house in a few hours.  She settled in and looked out the window.

When they were about 10 minutes from her house Dean switched off the radio.  He looked over at her as she slept.  He stopped and looked back at the road.  Of course he was driving. 

When they arrived at her house, she was still asleep.  He leaned over and shook her.  “Hey.” He said smoothly, trying not to startle her.  She opened her eyes to Dean’s smiling face.  She smiled and pushed it out of the way as she sat up.  She opened the door and slammed it closed leaning down and looking through the window. 

“I’ll see you then.” She said looking in at Dean.

“I guess so.”  Dean replied.  “You sure you don’t want me to stay?” 

“I’ll be fine.”  She said smiling.

“Alright.” He said.  He put the car in drive and drove out of her driveway.  She watched as he sped off, leaving her in the dust. 

Suddenly she heard a voice.  “You like him don’t you?” she asked.  Jessica turned to see her friend, Mary.

“Oh, my god, you scared the hell out of me.” Jessica said.

Mary smiled and ran into Jessica’s house.  “C’mon, we only have 2 days to hang out.” 

Jessica slowly followed her in the house.

For the next few days she partied and drank and had a few friends over.  But she still had the crap on her mind.  And it was ruining the good time she should be having.  By the end of the night she was sitting on the couch, drunk, with Mary right next to her.

“Hey, what’s up with you?” Mary asked.

Jessica sighed. “Nothing.” She hiccupped.

“C’mon, you can tell me.” Mary said.

Jessica rolled her eyes.  “Listen, this is going to sound insane.  But I hunt monsters.  And I just spent the last few days realizing that I am one of the things I hunt.  And I can’t believe it, because I know I’m going to die.”  She looked over at her friend.  She had a straight face.  Suddenly her friend started to laugh and then she watched as her friends head slid off. 

She swallowed and got up, holding back a scream.  She looked up to see that same man standing in front of her again. 

“You were told not to tell anyone…” the man said.  “Now look at the consequences.”

She backed up; tripping on a rug and getting her balance back right away.  She completely forgot she was drunk.  She looked up at the man, who was walking closer.  She picked up the phone and dialed a number as she hid behind her couch. 

It rang 3 times and the person answered, “Hello?”

“Dean, I could use that help right now.” She said as the demon ripped the phone out of her hand, flinging it across the room. 

“Hello…Jess…Hello? Jessica?” Dean hung up and pushed his phone into his pocket.  He threw on his jacket and ran out the door.  Luckily he was only 5 miles out, at a motel.  He sped to where he remembered dropping her off.  He stopped in front of her house and slammed the car door, running inside.  He ran into a room and headed for the living room as it slammed in his face.  “Jessica?” he asked through the door.

“Dean Help!” he kicked open the door with the adrenaline from the cry for help.  He looked around.  There was no one around.  Except for a dead girl on the floor.  He heard a mumbling and looked in the corner to see a demon pushing Jess up a wall.  Dean pulled the knife out of his pocket and slowly walked up behind the demon.

“Listen girl,” the demon said, “You are going to come with us.  Someone is going to get you home.  You are more powerful than ever.”  He must have heard something behind him because she saw him fling Dean across the room.  She screamed for him, but it was muffled and sounded like gibberish. 

Suddenly she remembered what Bobby taught her.  When she raised Dean from the dead.  She looked down at the demon then closed her eyes.  She pictured herself falling to the floor, getting up and flinging the demon to the wall. 

When she opened her eyes, she was standing on the floor and the demon was being pushed.  She looked to see she had her hand out.  She was shocked.  She watched as he was slammed against the wall.  She swallowed and put her hand down.  He was still being pushed against the wall.  Suddenly the demon started couching up black smoke and soon, it was unconscious on the floor.  She fell to the floor exhausted.

Dean ran up to her, helping her up.  She had blood dripping down her face, from her eye.  Her left eye was bloodshot.  She wiped the blood from her cheek and looked up at Dean.  She started to panick.  She got up and put her hands on her head and looked at the bodies on the floor.  “Oh my god, what’s happening to me?  I’m going crazy.” She said looking over at Dean. 

Dean pulled her outside.  She tripped and fell down the front stairs.  “Are you drunk?” Dean asked.  She got up and stumbled towards his car.  “Maybe?”  He sighed and rolled his eyes. 

“Get in the car.” He said.  He closed the door behind her and walked to the other side of the car getting in and driving off.

Sam paced the hotel room.  He didn’t know where Dean ran off to, but he knew it probably wasn’t good.  He was just about to pick up the phone and call Dean, when he walked through the doorway, Jessica dragging herself behind him.  Sam laughed and walked into the kitchen.  Dean looked at him, annoyed.  Jessica plopped down on the bed, for she knew she would not make it much farther into the hotel room.  Dean chuckled and walked into the kitchen grabbing a glass of water.  He walked out and set it on the table next to the bed where she was laying.  He helped her sit up and handed her the glass of water.  She drank it and plopped back down on the bed.  Dean took the glass from her grip and set it on the table.  “Get some shut eye…” Dean said.  Dean didn’t even have to ask.  She rolled over and was out like a light.

After Dean knew she was asleep, he walked out to join Sam at the table in the kitchen.  He grabbed a beer and sat down next to him.  “So.” Sam said looking at Dean.  Dean took a swig and looked at Sam.  “So what?” he asked.  Before Sam got to answer, Dean’s phone started ringing.  He picked it up.  “Hello?” Dean said.  “It’s Bobby, I found something.  You guys better get out here as soon as you can.  And bring Jess.”  That was all Bobby said as he hung up the phone.  “Bobby?  Bobby!” Dean shoved his phone in his pocket.  He grabbed his coat and got out the chair.  “What?” Sam asked.  “Bobby wants us to get out there as soon as possible.”  Dean said running to the bed.  He didn’t want to wake Jessica because he knew he wouldn’t be able to so he lifted her up and carried her to the door.  “Sam, get the door.” Dean said looking at him.  Sam opened the door and rushed to the car. He opened the back seat and Dean set Jessica in the back.  Sam and Dean both got in the car and rushed to Bobby’s. 

When they arrived at Bobby’s Dean carried Jess inside, Sam trailing behind him.  Sam opened the door and walked in.  Dean set Jessica on the couch in the living room.  “What happened to her?” Bobby asked wheeling into the room.  Dean laughed.  “She got drunk and passed out.” Dean said.  Bobby laughed. 

“So what is it Bobby?” Sam asked.  “Well,” Bobby started, “I found this spell.  I read up on the case.  With Jess becoming a demon because of a deal.  Well, because the person who made the deal is dead, it can be reversed.”

“But what will happen to her?” Dean asked.

“She will be just plain human.  But, she won’t remember you or any of this.” Bobby said.  Dean said nothing.  He just sighed. 

“Alright, let’s do it.” He said.

“So Bobby, what do we do?” Sam asked.

Jess had woken up.  She was having a hell of a hangover.  Sam had gathered all the stuff, but they had to wait till midnight.  She already knew everything that was gunna happen.  At about 1 pm Dean sat next to her on the couch.  She looked over at him.  He smiled.  “So, last night as part demon.  What do you wanna do?”  She thought about it for a little bit.

“I wanna go for a ride.” She said smiling.  Dean chuckled.  “Boy, do you know me.” Dean said.  They walked out to the car and Dean was about to open the driver’s door when Jessica stopped him.  Dean looked at her, confused.  “What?”

She smiled and pushed him out of the way, getting into the driver’s seat and shut the door.  “I’m driving.”  If it wasn’t her Dean would have said no in a heartbeat.  If it wasn’t her, he would have pushed her out of the way and fought for his driver’s seat back.  But since he had this, weakness towards her.  He said nothing.  He just smiled and got in the passenger seat. 

They drove for about 2 hours.  She pulled into a driveway that lead to a lake.  She stopped in front of the lake and turned off the car.  She got out and sat on the hood of the Impala.  Dean sat there for a few seconds, watching her sit down and he got out and sat next to her. 

“So, why’d you wanna come here?” Dean asked. 

She smiled and looked over at him.  “I had my first time here.” She said laughing.  “How was it?” Dean asked.  “It was  in the backseat of some hick’s truck.”  She laughed.  Dean chuckled and looked forward.  “You really do live up to your name, chuckles.” Jessica said.  They both laughed. 

“Man, I don’t get why you being a demon is so bad anyways.” Dean said. 

Jessica looked over at him confused.  “What do you mean?” she asked.

Dean sighed.  He knew he shouldn’t tell her.  But he knew if he didn’t…  He didn’t know, he just told her.

“Listen, Jess.  After tonight, you won’t remember anything after the past week.  Which means you won’t remember me or Sam.” He sighed looking down at his feet.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder.  And he was turning to face her.  She put her other hand on his cheek.  “What if I want to remember?” she said putting her hand on the back of his neck. 

She pulled him in close.  He felt her warm breath on his lips.  He leaned in and kissed her, not being able to resist.  He wanted more.  He pulled her closer, putting his hand on her back.  He pulled away for only a brief second to take off his shirt.

Later that night, Dean pulled the Impala into Bobby’s drive way.  Dean walked around to the passenger side, waiting for her to get out.  He hugged her and walked behind her inside. 

When they got inside, Bobby was standing, ready with the stuff.  There was a symbol drawn on the floor.  She walked up and stood in the middle of it.

“Is this where I stand?” she said looking over at Bobby.  He nodded and looked down at the book.  He started chanting some stuff and Jessica looked over at Dean.  She smiled as she started to cough.  As Bobby was chanting he threw some powder into the bowl and it went up in flames.  She started coughing up black smoke.  Suddenly there was knocking on the door.  “Oh, no.” Jessica said.  “The demons, they’re back.” 

Dean pulled out the demon knife, ready to fight as they burst through the front door.  He grabbed his flask of holy water and splashed it on one of them, giving him time to stab it with his knife.  Meanwhile, Sam protected Bobby as he chanted the words.  Jessica continued to cough up black smoke. 

Dean finally finished killing all the demons when he realized Bobby’s chanting had stopped.  He looked over at Jessica, lying unconscious on the floor.  He walked over, picking her up and laying her on the couch.  He moved the hair out of her face with his hand.  He smiled and stood up. 

Later the next morning Jessica was still sleeping.  Sam and Dean were packing up getting ready to go.  Dean looked over at Jessica once last time as he was ready to walk out the door.  “Take care of her Bobby.  Call me when she wakes up.” He said walking out the door. 

He got in the driver’s seat of the Impala sitting and looking forward.  His hands on the wheel.  Sam looked over at Dean.  He knew Dean was upset.  But he knew Dean wouldn’t want to talk about it.  So he looked down at his feet.

“Sam, maybe you were right.” Dean said, breaking the silence.

“What do you mean?” Sam asked.

“About the girl.  About me having feelings for her.  Maybe I should have listened.” Dean said looking at Sam.

Sam sighed.  “Well, it’s over now.  And we can forget about it.” He said looking at Dean.

Dean looked forward, turning the key and starting the car.  He shifted into drive and said, “Yah.”

Bobby was sitting at his desk reading a book, when he saw Jessica sit up.  “Morning.” Bobby said.

Jessica looked over at Bobby, she had a scared look on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Bobby asked, getting up.

Jessica followed /bobby with her eyes as he moved toward her.  “Bobby,” she said looking down.  “I remember everything.”

Bobby would call Dean about an hour later.  He would tell him that Jessica remembered.  But he would never go see her.  He would never answer her calls.  He changed his number, and never talked to her.  Sam would ask him why.  He would tell him to call her back, or go see her.  But Dean never would. 

The thing was, he knew that he hurt people.  And he knew that if he went to see her she would get hurt.  Because that’s how it went.  It was always strip clubs and one night stands.  And that’s the way he wanted it to stay. 

He did like the feeling of being loved, and he wanted to feel it again.  But he knew it was best to never go back.

So eventually Jessica stopped calling.  Eventually Dean would go back to the clubs and the one night stands.  Jessica would find someone.  They would tuck that longing thought of each other away in the back of each other’s minds, and it would stay hidden, until the day they may see each other again. 

And that’s the way it had to be.




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Jensen during jibcon5, looking hella cute


Jensen during jibcon5, looking hella cute

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i love how other planet’s moons have cool names and then here we just have moon


petition to rename the moon



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